Erosion Control

Erosion Prevention: Wind and water often act with devastating effects on human life and property. These effects can be delivered as suddenly as a hurricane, or with equal devastation over a period of time as the tide, river current, or stormwater runoff erode land and property.

EMR Enviornemental is experienced in working with civilian and government engineers on both small and large projects to ensure the best erosion control products are planned and installed. Our primary objective is to meet the growing demand for cost-effective erosion repair.

The Best Colorado Erosion Control Services

We are dedicated to providing a beautiful and sustainable landscape for our Colorado clients. EMR Enviornmental does this by promoting the art and science of horticulture and using the most environmentally friendly products and services available, we help conserve and sustain your neighborhood. Our company stands behind all of its work.

Erosion Control Inspections

We conduct an initial inspection to assess current or potential erosion, sedimentation, and/or stormwater runoff issues. Erosion inspections identify the presence of sediment barriers, storm sewers, detention basins, vegetation, sediment runoff, neighboring properties, bare soil areas, and grade conditions.


Typically performed after core aeration, our seeding services help to encourage grass growth. Seeding can be used to create new lawns, add strength to current lawns, or repair damaged patches of lawns. We provide seeding and slice seeding services to residential and commercial properties.


Mulch is a sheet of material or a loose mix that is placed on top of the soil. There are many benefits of mulching, including providing nutrients for plants as it biodegrades, helps the soil retain its moisture during dryer times, suppresses the growth of weeds in the landscape bed, deters some pests from making nests.

Erosion Control Management

We stay updated on the most current and elite training in erosion control practices, and we develop our techniques precisely to take advantage of all the new standards so that we may supply our clients with the finest attainable solutions. We keep our pricing very competitive so you can get the best service at a price that’s right – Dependable erosion control is our standard.

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We offer environmental solutions to homeowners, property owners and businesses. We handle everything from residential developments to highway replacement projects


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