Land Clearing Services in Colorado

EMR Environmental offers land clearing services including clear field and right-of-way areas, and provides bush hogging services. As an insured land clearing company, not only will we provide value, we also provide safe procedures.

We don’t leave anything behind. Many other methods of brush clearing will leave behind slash. You have to spend time picking up the waste to dispose of. When you opt for mastication, the material left behind is all environmentally friendly. In fact, it’s nutritious for the ground, helping to improve the natural growth of plants and other vegetation.

The Best Land-Clearing Services

We are dedicated to providing a beautiful and sustainable landscape for our Colorado clients. EMR Enviornemtnal does this by promoting the art and science of horticulture and using the most environmentally friendly products and services available, we help conserve and sustain your neighborhood. Our company stands behind all of its work.

Land Clearance Services

Land clearing can be a beneficial service for many different types of properties. It involves clearing a property of natural features, such as trees, stumps, or brush. Every property needs TLC.

Right of Way Clearance

Roads that are lined with trees and brush often need maintaining and clearing. Right of way clearance involves trimming branches and brush, removing problematic trees and brush, and clearing debris.

Survey & Fence Line Clearing

A clear view is absolutely essential for proper surveying. If the site is obscured by brush or trees, you can’t have clean demarcations for property lines, fence line, or survey lines.

Clearing for Leisure Areas

From removing concrete, rocks, shrubs, trees, and even pools, land and lot clearing services are a lot of work. We’ll clear your parcel, remove brush and leave your space project ready.

Creating New Access To Roads

If you’re planning to build a house, a new business, or any construction project, you’ll need land clearing services.  In a few states, land clearing services are tax-deductible. It increases the value of a property as well.

Scrub Oak Clearing and Mulching

With our tree-eating masticating machines we can shred brush, scrub oak, slash piles, or any unwanted trees where they are, making the remaining trees healthier. When combined with mulching, land clearing is even environmentally friendly.

Get Environmental Solutions

We offer environmental solutions to homeowners, property owners and businesses. We handle everything from residential developments to highway replacement projects


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